On a winter sports holiday some people simply may want to book a Lift Pass as they may have their own equipment, or maybe they don’t require ski school as they are very experienced skiers; booking one of our Grandvalira Ski Packages can save you a lot of cash so it’s worth taking a look at some of our fantastic deals.

Lift Passes or any ski pack including a lift pass should only be booked along with accommodation on our website

Grandvalira Ski & Snowboard Packages

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Grandvalira PackagesAdultYouthChildBaby (3 - 5)
Full Ski Pack 6 days - Beginners465€420€350€210€
Full Ski Pack 6 days - Beginners with lunch532€494€428€260€
Full Ski Pack 6 days - All levels470€431€370€210€
Full Ski Pack 6 days - All levels with lunch532€494€428€260€
Full Snowboard Pack 6 days - Beginners470€430€370€n/a
Full Snowboard Pack 6 days - Beginners with lunch552€514€448€n/a
Full Snowboard Pack 6 days - All levels490€451€390€n/a
Full Snowboard Pack 6 days - All levels with lunch552€514€448€n/a
Super Saver Ski Pack - 6 days446€413€335€260€
Super Saver Ski Pack - 5 days374€347€286€110€
Super Saver Snowboard Pack - 6 days466€433€355€n/a
Super Saver Snowboard Pack - 5 days396€370€300€n/a
Ski Bundle - 6 days411€354€276€60€
Ski Bundle - 5 days343€295€231€51€
Snowboard Bundle - 6 days426€369€286€73€
Snowboard Bundle - 5 days358€310€239€59€

Bundles* – Include Lift Pass and Equipment
Super Saver Packs* – Include Lift Pass, Equipment and Lunch Vouchers.
Full Packs – Include Lift Pass, Equipment & Lessons (lunch vouchers can be added if required)

Prices based on

Adults aged 18+, Youth aged 12 – 17, Children aged 6 -11, Baby aged 3 – 5 years.  Only to be booked if you have already or are about to book with accommodation with us.


If you are not looking for a package, them maybe you prefer to purchase whatever you require on an individual basis.


We are confident our prices will beat or match any other offer. Should you find a better offer let us know and we will try our best to match or make a better offer.


If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to either call, or use the “Contact Us” form below to send a message with your request. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest offers and news from Andorra.



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