Full Ski Pack – 6 days (AR)

Book your Full Ski Pack Pack.  Valid in Arinsal & Pal ski sectors

Your 6 day Full Ski Pack for Arinsal includes

  • 6 day Nord Lift Pass
  • 6 days Standard Ski & Boots – (option to upgrade to superior Skis)
  • 5 days Ski School – 3 hours per day

Lunch can be added as an extra.

  • * The lunch Option includes the Express “FunFood” Menu: Choice from Hot / Cold sandwich/baguette with fries and soft drink or beer, depending on which restaurant you go to. The daily vouchers can be used at various restaurants around the slopes in each sector of Ski Area.

All lessons start on a Monday.  Children aged 4 & 5 will go into the Snow Garden.  The price displayed for “Baby” is only available if the parents/guardian also book 5 day ski school (if the parents are not booking ski school then you will need to reserve the “child price” option instead of “Baby” option

Adults are aged 16+.  Youth 12 to 17.  Children 6 to 11 years.  Baby 3 to 5 years.

You can choose to add a helmet for the adults in the group – (child helmets are included for free)

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